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Aescripts StageTool 1.4 [Updated] 2022

Using the Laser Effect and the Timeline Follow these steps to add the **Laser** and **Laser Eyes** effects to our comp: 1. In the **Laser** layer of the Timeline, add a new frame and enter **5000** in the **Frames** field. Then add a second frame with **2** in the **Frames** field. 2. Select the **Laser** effect and choose **Action** ▸ **Create Action** **Laser**. 3. Now we'll use the **Timeline** to have our effect render to a specific frame in the Timeline. Let's use the timeline to allow us to have different frames being rendered with the **Laser** effect. Set the **Interval** property of the **Laser** layer to **5000**. That is the time between the frames being rendered. 4. To add the **Divider** effect, we need to first bring the **Laser** and **Divider** layers together in the Timeline. In the **Timeline** panel, select the **Divider** and the **Laser** layers and drag them into the **Laser** layer. 5. As you can see in the following screenshot, the frames are now being shown on the same timeline. Now, we

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